Because Life's Too Short To Drink Cheap Beer


Run #725                      The Miata Hash                1/20/01

Photos courtesy of Niplets

Da Hares: Dr. Doo Doo _ MC Hasher _ Pigless _ Tastes Like Shit

Da Rat Pack: Rat's Ass a I Know That Trick a Hashes For Food a Hare Balls a John Queere a EZ Cheeks a Scott Kentner (1x) a Primer a Service My Tool a Sticky Fingers a Sex on Trail a Boner a Breaststroke aLittle Pussy a Spermier aSlippery When Wet a Whiner aRogue Anus a Niplets a Hide the Salami a Yoron Weed a Deliveries In The Rear a Humper a Brown Hole a Show Uranus



Special thanks to Niplets for writing the trash for the original Miata Hash (Run #559), from which I shall blatantly plagiarize.  After all, only he, Breaststroke and I were at the original, so none of you would be the wiser.


The start was at some “abandoned yellow gas station”, which wasn't yellow, on Moreland Avenue south of I-285.  It was a cool day, turning colder by the minute, and the hounds were scarce.  Perhaps it was the confusing directions perhaps it was that there were only 3 Miatas in the parking lot when 5 were promised perhaps it was that everyone went to Dead Root's AH4 trail (tee hee).  Slowly they filtered in, and when it was said and done, 25 brave souls went out in search of trail.

And now, a word from our sponsor:


The pack took off at the usual prompt time of 2:48 pm, mostly bundled in sweats, parkas, small furry animals, and jumpsuits.  The exception, of course, was Breast-stroke, who ran naked because “once you get going, you'll warm up you'll see.”


We finally got the hell away from the toy cars, down a steep ravine, across a creek, and into a thorny patch of woods.  I love it when hounds are whining 5 seconds into a run.  Across a dusty construction area, we navigated a few tractor trailers and hit the road.  This began the longish portion of the trail, dominated primarily by roads and railroad tracks, punctuated by a few tricky checks.  The pack stayed pretty close-knit thanks to a CB & some forays into the overgrowth.  And the undergrowth.


Of course, by this time, we were all sweating like pigs, and the clothes came flying off as we joined Breaststroke in naked frivolity.  Too bad Defishit wasn't with us, ‘cause it would have been interesting to see what he would have cut up when he hopped the razorwire while shortcutting.

More good stuff followed:  dead kudzu, woods with flying squirrels, the site of an ancient Cambodian barbecue ritual, a swamp which we were fortuitous enough not to have to traverse, and then road to the On-In next to the railroad tracks, just a swallow's flight from the start.


We all rejoiced, and the Down-Downs did from thence proceed:  AH4ers I Know That Trick, Hashes for Food, Boner, Brown Hole, Show Uranus;  forgetting his Miata at home Tastes Like Shit & Dribbles stand-in Humper (hence the 3 instead of 5 Miatas); virgin Scott Kentner;  too-long-between-hashes Hare Balls and Little Pussy;  Southern Comfortablers Sticky Fingers and Sex on Trail; HashShit in-absentia Yoron Weed;  Nutdriver shirt non-wearer   John Queere; and the hares.

The On-On was at Charlie's, where the locals is purty & they squeal if they like ya.


Scribe:       Rat's Ass