Pinelake HHH Run# 675
Saturday, Jan. 22nd 2:30 pm
Inman Middle School
Hares: On The Rag & Redneck (Jambi) Mutha

It started out like any other hash except for the first time in a while it was cold - very cold, there was a major chance of rain - ok make that a major chance of freezing rain - and the number of hashers that decided to show was quite small compared to the beautiful Saturdays we have been enjoying. At roughly 2:35 out live hares left the College Park MARTA station parking lot to lead us in to beautiful downtown College Park. Once fully inside this up and coming neighborhood we were greeted with a checkmark. This is where it all began for many of us. The pack split in to various groups running up and down the streets from said check. A few of us decided to wait and listen and see where to go. Well nobody came back, nobody blew a whistle and no one shouted an on on. Myself, Pete, Pull My String & Double Pecker decided to go to the right where a school was at the bottom of the hill. Some kind neighbor stuck his head out from his house and told us others had gone that way. Hmmm maybe we are on trail we thought. Yeah right since we hadn't seen flour since the check. We decided to box the area and ran in to Afterbirth who was doing the same. Like the rest of the pack we soon lost him. Being logical we went back to the check which was now somehow marked to go straight. We ran up another hill - a little further this time to find flour. We were back on on! Within minutes, which seemed like hours we caught up to Afterbirth who was having trouble finding the trail still. As luck would have it the mark was on the other side of the busy street except that no one had put an on over for us. We ended up hashing through some woods and behind a very run down apartment complex. The highlight here being the dumping of diapers and syringes to watch out for as we ran. The five of us eventually came out of the woods and came upon some railroad tracks. As we crossed over them we saw in the distance Bitch, Kaptain Krash and Uh Huh Baby looking as lost as we were. Not too far behind them we could see Breaststroke and Slippery When Wet closing in. At this point we learned that Jambi had sprained his ankle and was no longer laying the trail. This started to make things very clear for us. With the majority of the pack back together we ran some more on the tracks and right in to Jambi waiting for us in his car. A few little hints from the down hare has us hashing through a railroad tunnel where we meet him at the end. From here we were instructed that if we didn't want to hash through a water tunnel it would be best to take a short cut through an empty field. By this time, I don't think any of us would have chosen the water tunnel. As we exited the field, Jambi was there for us with our last set of directions. We ended up under neath the drive thru of a bank for the on in. Down downs were given at a feverous pace to a few folks - those staying warm in cars and our bimbos and hares.