Pinelake HHH Run# 674
Saturday, Jan. 15th 2:30 pm
Inman Middle School
Hares: Dead Root, Douple Dipper & Pew

Another beautiful winter day in Atlanta with the sun shining and most hashers wearing shorts for #674. Our three co hares, Dead Root, Double Dipper and Pew, the latter two making their PH3 day-boo, had us roughly running +/- 6 miles on on the roads of ViHi, through the King Center and L5P. We started from the familiar Inman Middle School at a record time of 2:35pm. By 2:36 we had come across the first check which became a bit of a cluster fuck as hashers roamed the area looking for flour. In fact for most of this mighty long trail most of us were looking for flour. If  you started seeing it on the right side of the street it was a good bet that in a few marks or two it would now be on on the opposite side of the street. Once you caught on on to this fact you were fine. We finally heard the calls of *on - on* and we knew someone had found the markings we were looking for. We ran through that park we run around on Wednesday nights and headed towards Piedmont Park. Big cheer to our hares for brining us in to the park and not putting us on the railroad tracks like we have done so many times before! Once inside the park we came upon a whichy-way with most of the pack staying straight and running towards the southwest corner of the park. As we hit 10th street we were greeted with a pack arrow to go on over on on to Argone Ave. If you ever have the chance to run on on this street don*t unless you like hills. Up and down we went finally coming on on to Ponce. We hashed through a soccer field and kids playing football. Once inside this lovely neighborhood we were greeted with numerous check backs which only frustrated the FRBs. As we rounded the rehabilitation center and some fine intown living dwellings we came across our beer stop. From here we hashed on on to the King Center and Auburn Ave. Many folks walking around as it was MLK day weekend with a few stopping and asking *why are you running?* The obvious answer back being, *beer!* Why else, right? The last half of the hash had us on a tour of L5P with the on in being in Springdale Park.

Little Willy, MC Hasher, Sleazy Rider, Mall Shark, Peter Difilippo, Afterbirth, Testicles, Beavis, Slippery When Wet, Internuts, Beernuts, Fergie Dick, GOP, Chrissy Levitt, Bubbette, Uh Huh Baby, Jambi, Lil Sister, Niplets, BMG, Tired Dick, Shiggy Pitts, Rebecca May, Me So Dumb, Ed Moreadith, Pull My String, OJ and Bullshit.

Down - downs were given for the following offenses:

Thinking she was at a wheelhopper: MC Hasher

Tool Long: Mall Shark, Internuts, Beernuts, Fergie Dick, Bubbette, Me So Dumb

Being on time: Testicles

FRB: Jambi

Virgins: Chrissy Levitt, Rebecca May

Playing paparazzi: Beernuts, Testicles, Lil Sister

                                                                           R-U, BMG