Pinelake HHH Run# 670
Saturday, Dec 4th 2:30 pm
Walmart @ LaVista & Lawrenceville Hwy
Hares: Lost Cause & Virgin Carol

Sometimes things are better when they are kept simple and true to form. PH3 #670 is best described as that. Lost Cause & Virgin Carol gave us a simple yet great trail. We were promised little road and thats what we got. We started a tad after 2:30 (what's new?) with our first mark located behind the parking lot of the *NEW* Walmart and Kroger on Lawrenceville Highway. We ran through a field and what would be the first of many downhill excursions. At the bottom of the hill were the old familiar railroad tracks and my mind started to have flashbacks to last week's hash. But have no fear it was just an over that would lead us in to the woods.

As the FRBs were running slightly off trail they came upon three cartons of goods that included flower pots and a half dozed NWO vs WCW wrestling ring games. Needless to the say I didn't see one flower pot at the on in but those that managed to hang on to their early Christmas gift were treated to a down down. We would have started playing right then and there with the game but action figures were not included. We pretty much stayed in the woods on makeshift trails for most of the afternoon. At one point I felt like I was on a family hike forging my way through the woods trying not to sprain my ankle in all the animal holes that seemed to be very close to flour. The trails eventually led us to a few on over stream crossings and I begged Ez Cheeks to not make it so I would have something to write about for this here trash. In fine form she made it and threatened me with a down down for causing trouble! Speaking of Ez Cheeks at the on in we learned that she was flashed on trail by ???? (see what happens when you throw your beer on the hash cash sign in sheet) and asked Slippery "if they were hashers?" To answer your question, no she didn't flash him back. After some more briar patch, old dead kudzu and foot twisting vines we were treated to the view of a rather large hill with a nice rock climb at the top. After successful navigation of the hill we were close enough to hear the screams of the front runners "beer near!"

Down - downs were given for the following offenses:

(yes some are missing but if you have to ask so were you)

TOO LONG: Kooler Killer, Special Ed, Below The Waist, Suck Her Balls & Too Dumb To Die

WRESTLING FANS: Niplets, Service My Tool & No Huevos


VIRGINS: Pete & Bob

TOO OFTEN: Breaststroke

AH4 INFILTRATION: Beaver, Momma's Hole & Dawgy Style




                                                                           R-U, BMG