Pinelake HHH Run# 669
Saturday, Nov 27th 2:30 pm
Lenox Square MARTA Station
Hare: Bitch With An Attutude

It's hard to believe that it is the weekend after Thanksgiving and a bunch of hashers are getting together all wearing shorts and t shirts! Call it global warming or call it the Hash Gods looking down on us it's truly a beautiful thing. I'm thankful I was well rested from the 1/2 marathon because I didn't know that I would be spending most of my Saturday running on Atlanta's best railroad tracks. We'll save that hash shit for later on on... The live hash started with us hounds giving our hares a 7:09 head start (669 seconds) out of the MARTA Lenox parking lot. Even with the best of us watching where they went, as the pack encountered the first check mark out of the parking lot we were already setting precedent for what laid ahead. For some reason the virgins were leading the way (don't ask how this happened) but they led us right into a back track as well as a YBF on either side of the intersection. After we had boxed everywhere possible we heard Afterbirth blowing his whistle in the Lenox Mall parking lot. Now running through the parking lot we headed down Lenox Rd. As we passed the MARTA station the information our hares gave us at the start came into play - 1084 divided by 2. You see, this was the access code we needed to get into the apartment complex parking lot that would lead us to our first set of railroad tracks for the day. This would also be one of the last places we would see flour for a while. As we ran south on the tracks we were directed in to the woods that ran parallel with the tracks & the folks who kindly have to hear the roar of a MARTA train every 15 minutes. Our brief time in the woods only brought us back onto the tracks in no time. We were running on the tracks for so long I can't really tell you where we went next except I remember coming out behind Lindbergh Plaza and some civilian telling Snuffy who was wearing a FUCK YOU hash shirt that his "mom must be real proud of him." We crossed on on over Piedmont  and found our way back on on trail in to the woods and briars. I think we might have ran on on some more rail road tracks as well... I do know that once out of the woods we came out behind the Lindbergh MARTA station and found a checkmark and a MARTA cop. Once again the pack was baffled about where to go since flour was no where to be found. Two interesting things to note here: 1) this is where Sleazy Rider tells me she knows where the end is but doesn't know how to get there (!?!?!?) and 2) the cop was blocking us from getting to the flour trail. We have started many a hash from this MARTA station so best guess was to head towards Peachtree Creek. Whata - ya - know back on on railroad tracks heading towards the creek we hashed. The rest of the hash mostly had us running through the industrial park over by the Plaster Bridge Rd area. Not to outdo themselves our hares had us cross on over one more set of rail road tracks which led us in to a friendly neighborhood - home of NPR station WABE and our  on in host, TV Hair. Yes, AH4's Grandmaster's home. Welcome to a joint ending boys and girls! The good things about this ending: AH4 actually had a  keg of Bass for us. Should I repeat that? Plus they had plenty of tasty cakes for us to munch on. The bad thing about the ending: damn those AH4 folks can't carry a tune!

This only tells how I got to the end. I heard stories of running on on Peachtree, not going through the creek & missing most of the rail road tracks!

Down - downs were given for the following offenses:

Virgins: Gregory, George & Nicholas.
Too Long: You Cunt.
Bimbos: Biter Beaver, EZ Cheeks & Whine Ho.
Racists or those that spent Thanksgiving morning running 13.1 miles: Sleazy Rider, Ultra Pasteurized, Lil Easy, Bite My Gonads, Afterbirth & Spread Eagle.