Pinelake HHH Run# 668
Saturday, Nov 20th 2:30 pm
Walmart @ LaVista & Lawrenceville Hwy
Hares: Sooper Dooper Pooper Scooper & Afterbirth


At 2:25 PM standing in front of 1/2 a case of paper towels (you were supposed to bring something for the homeless) Afterbirth started to collect the hash cash once he realized that there was no one else doing it. This is how PH3 #668 began...

Our first mark was located on - over Winters Chapel Road which had us running for a few blocks until we had to cross on - over the street and in to the woods. Now on trail we hashed behind some houses and through a playground complete with kids playing. Speaking of kids, Kaptin Krash brought along his daughter Kimberly who I swear he puts her on his shoulders when he runs so that she can knock down the branches in front of them. You have to see this in action to know what I mean. Once out of the woods we ended up at a checkmark in the middle of a street in a subdivision. As half the pack ran a few blocks they were met by a false trail marking. Tailgunner and myself took the highroad which proved to be the right direction and were greeted by a homeowner who asked us "Where does this end?" If we only knew... At the end of the block we followed the flour in to the woods and ran along side the powerlines. As we came out of the woods we ran straight in to the storage area for a cemetery. We knew we were on the right track when next to one of the headstones in flour were the words 'YOUR NAME HERE.' Around the cemetery we ran which led us to a huge hill which had our water stop at the top. What seemed so far as just another hash with a few good false trails turned for blood after our half way water stop. The powerlines were now leading us in to the woods again and this time a hill made of wood chucks. Not the best thing to get a footing on but hey this is a hash! We ended up at small creek crossing and a water pipe that you had to balance on to get across. The woods were getting thicker and the briars were getting the best of most of us. Lost Sole and I were commenting that we could have used a machete right after his foot got caught in a pretty nasty briar patch. After another water crossing and some more pipe balancing we managed to go through what seemed like a jungle of briars to end up at the old familiar beer near. The on - in was on a wide part of the trail that led you into the woods. By that time I was only bleeding from three places on my legs but oh well another great PH3 hash.

Down - downs were given for the following offenses:

Too Long: Breaststroke, Lost Sole, Boner For Beer & Little Easy
Visitors: Souxsie, Bitch With An Attitude & Brown Hole
Martial Bliss or for showing up to PH3 two weeks in a row: MC Hasher & Whiner

Over Achieving: Kaptin Krash & Kimberly
Bimbo: Whineho
Misnomer: Double Pecker