Pinelake Hash House Harriers
“Because Life’s Too Short To Drink Cheap Beer”

Run # 658 – September 11, 1999 – Rosh Hashanahalf
Hare:  Mushroom (and no, Mark Barton wasn’t a co-hare…it was a joke)
Venue:  Garden Ridge at I-75 and Stockbridge Road
Hounds: Dr. Doo Doo, Sleazy Rider, Afterbirth, Rock Hudson, Boner For Beer,
Cheaper Than Trick, Catamite, Ortho Penis, Hashes For Food, Tastes Like
Chicken, Kaptain Krash, Killer Bee (bimbo), Stick Or Swim (bimbo), Show
Ur-Anus, Sticky Lips, Sticky Fingers, E.Z. Cheeks, Niplets, Defishit,
Tailgunner, Pull My String, Wet Dreams, Tastes Great, Slippery When Wet,
O.J., MC Hasher, Shiggy Pitts, Lil Sister

   We had been trying to get this hash scheduled for a while.  Mushroom’s trails (and his great pool ending) was a hash not to be skipped.  Something about a wedding rehearsal and then the wedding itself got in the way every time I thought we had a date set for this hash.  Spread Eagle moved her date three times jockeying for a date to accommodate Mushroom’s distressingly powerful life outside of hashing.

   But we finally got this one in and it was probably the last good weekend for a pool, too.  Starting at point only about a mile and a half (on road) from the ending, Mushroom’s “co-hare”, Mark Barton was named as an incentive to stay on trail, as “he has been known to shoot short cutters on sight”.

   I’m not sure how many hounds actually remembered that the afore-mentioned Mark Barton was the day trader who shot up Buckhead not long ago (Tastes Great was the only one I heard), but most everyone did stay on the trail.

   The trail, by the way, was a jaunting crawl through a creek which looked like it might contain unwanted critters.  As soon as we went into the water after climbing down a kudzu-lined hill, the hounds who also did last year’s Mushroom trail began to recall the catfish-swallowing HUGE snake hanging over the embankment as we first hit water.  The snake was probably hungry again by now, we thought.

   The pack was actually treated to a fine slosh through the creek which was about the only way to avoid all the new development in the area.  Mushroom’s home backs onto the Lake Spivey Golf Course, so when we all finally came up from the water and saw greens and divots, we knew we were all near the beer!

   And we were, too.  The weather was just fine and the pool just wet enough to keep the hounds happy.

   Fifth timer Danielle was named Biter Beaver and for some reason, the hounds chanted a renaming of Mushroom to Poison Mushroom (editor’s note: lame).  We’ll just have to see if it sticks.    The down-downs are hard to hold when the hounds are gathered around and in a pool, but too-longs were given to Sticky Lips, Sticky Fingers, MC Hasher, O.J., Wet Dreams, Tastes Great and Defishit.    Although we see some of these hounds often, visitor down-downs were bestowed upon Catamite, Show Ur-Anus (who has gone to great lengths to explain how his name should be spelled but never is) and Orthopenis (who was at his first PH3 hash).    Slippery When Wet had to do a down-down, too, but I can’t remember why and can’t read her notes on the hound list.  I think she broke Rule 6. Tailgunner did a down-down, probably because he can’t decide what color he wants his hair to be.    Whatever.  Great hash endings always are welcome and this was certainly one.  Now, Mushroom, please remember to bring me my bottle opener.  Life’s too short to resort to cans, you know!

Scribe:  Afterbirth

Pinelake Hash House Harriers 1999-2000 Mismanagement
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Hash Cash - Dr. Doo Doo  -  Hareline -Afterbirth
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