Run #649
July 10, 1999

Hare: Kaptain Krash

Hashshit?: Yes

Venue: Buford Hwy at Corporate Drive

Hounds: Dr. Doo Doo, Whine Ho, Breaststroke, Niplets, Slippery When Wet, Afterbirth, Handtossed, Hard Up, Cums Collect,
Holy Dick & Vivian, Beavis, Cheetah, Lost Cause, Geezer Pleaser, Prince Of Turds, Thar She Blows, Hands And Knees,
Whore Moan, Dumb Bell, Easy Cheeks, Shiggy Pitts, Dah Do It Later, Pull My String, Bullshit, Short Stump, Hired Snatch,
Testiclees, Eric X1, Peter X1

This trail wouldn't have been a hashshit if Kaptain Krash had just left well enough alone. The pack had already been
hosed good, but it was early enough in the trail to where the hounds would have been OK with it by the time they came
on-in. It was the gratuitous check point after the BN which sealed the deal. But, hey --- it wasn't given in anger,

This one began next to what is now a Wherehouse Music store. It wasn't long before we were going Where flour?
Eventually, we found ourselves on-on as we ran south on Buford Highway towards N. Druid Hills. Crossing over the road near
Fuzzy's Place, we found the water stop not far away on Druid Hills Drive West, which runs between the nearby North
Fork Peachtree Creek and I-85. The trail after the water stop was not marked, causing the pack to wander aimlessly for ong
enough to get caught in a downpour.

Eventually, when nothing else worked, an enterprising hound got wet feet (to go with the downpour we were now in) and
discovered the tell-tale flashlight stuck halfway in the tunnel which was near the last sign of trail. Unfortunately, Krash only
imagined that he had marked the entrance to the tunnel as the trail.

However, you would think that the fact that the light was on would be enough of a clue, but some hounds actually complained
that he had not put any flour on the flashlight! Now, why else would the light be there?

Anyway, we came on through and back into daylight (the rain had died down by now). After meandering around the
Executive Park area for a while, we found ourselves on the access road (Chantilly Drive?) and back into the drink to go
undergound again. The second tunnel was one you don't see often on hashes. Too dark to see. This one was blackout
quality dark. One hand on the wall and check the ceiling height every once in a while and hope to hell you don't fall
over. Some fun!

When we stumbled out of the darkness, the flour took us onto Cheshire Bridge Road and onto Lavista (I think). From there
on-in, although the fatal mistake of the check point after the BN (not!) made sure the hash shit would once again return to
the Kaptain.

Some of the pack boxed on-in, including virgin Eric, who came to the hash because he was bored with running on Peachtree!
Good luck prevented a MIA virgin, it seems. Crafty veteran hasher Bullshit had a look on his face which would kill when he
came on-in DFL (until Short Stump rounded out the stragglers). The ending was a Krash's new digs, but I
didn't note where it actually is. Not too far from that last tunnel, I guess.

The down-downs featured the usual assortment of Rule 6 violations. Too longs included Holy Dick (with a back pack full of
daughter Vivian), Hardup, Dah Do It Later, Thar She Blows and Short Stump. Too late was Beermeister Testiclees
(where's the beer?). Whine Ho and Slippery When Wet were cited for a (private) garden party, while visitors (?)
Prince Of Turds and Easy Cheeks were given a song and a beer. Successful first time boxer Eric (Hired Snatch was probably
proud) and virgin Peter did their first down-downs. And of course, Kaptain Krash reclaimed the hash shit.

Uninspired scribe: Afterbirth