Run #644 - May 29, 1999

Boy Toy Memorial Hash!

Hares: Redneck Mutha/Tailgunner

Venue: Klondike Road south of Lithonia

Hounds: Screw The Pooch, Afterbirth, Slippery When Wet, Check My Bag, Cheetah, Kaptain Krash, Rock
Hudson, Side Bottom1xPH3, Little Willie, Uh Huh Baby, Barf Bag, Sky Pilot, Go Getum, Mama's Hole
(Anal Fissure), Internuts, Beer Nuts, Hump Me Dump Me, Whiner, MC Hasher, Niplets, Bitch With Attitude,
Whore Moan, Dumbell, Cums Collect, Hog Heaven, Little Pussy, Whine Ho, Hand Tossed, Pull My String,
Rat’s Ass, Toys For Twats, Dog Shit, Brown Hole, Wet Dreams, Tastes Great, Asscracker, Asspacker,
Keyboard Queen, David Schultz X1, Paul Washington X1

Hash Hounds: Lady (Kaptain Krash), Hildy & Maggie (Side Bottom), Nick (Uh Huh Baby), Spot (Whiner), Turbo (Cums Collect), Pavlov
(Brown Hole), Austin (Wet Dreams), Bluey (Asspacker), Kelly (Keyboard Queen) plus other dogs whose names I didn't get! Sorry
about that!

Everyone is guilty at Pinelake H3, just like those wild and crazy guys in the Pine Lake Police Department. You can't write too many
tickets, it seems, and there is never a reason too lame not to have violated Rule 6.


1. Kaptain Krash -- dog owner

2. Uh Huh Baby -- dog owner

3. Whiner -- dog owner

4. MC Hasher -- dog owner

5. Cums Collect -- dog owner

6. Hog Heaven -- dog owner

7. Brown Hole -- dog owner

8. Wet Dreams -- dog owner

9. Asspacker -- dog owner

10. Check My Bag-too long

11. David Schultz -- virgin

12. Uh Huh Baby -- too long

13. Go Getum -- too long

14. Internuts -- too long

15. Beer Nuts -- too long

16. Whiner -- too long

17. MC Hasher -- too long

18. Dumbell -- new job

19. Little Pussy -- too long

20. Dog Shit -- spitting beer

21. Paul Washington -- virgin

22. Wet Dreams -- too long

23. Tastes Great -- too long

24. Side Bottom -- dog owner/1xPH3

25. Bitch With Attitude -- getting washed down-stream

26. Uh Huh Baby -- getting washed down-stream

27. Whiner -- getting washed down-stream

28. Asscracker -- hashing on the cheap

29. Cums Collect -- non-approved clothing

30. Hand Tossed -- non-approved clothing

31. Beer Nuts -- non-approved clothing

32. Pull My String -- non-approved clothing

33. Toys For Twats -- non-approved clothing

34. Slippery When Wet -- non-approved clothing

35. Little Willie -- non-approved clothing

36. Sky Pilot -- low profile

37. Bitch With Attitude -- Hedon reject

38. Keyboard Queen -- birthday

39. Tastes Great -- walker

40. Screw The Pooch- DFL

41. Side Bottom -- DFL

42. Paul Washington --  wanking

43. Rat's Ass -- bought white styrofoam cups

44. Afterbirth -- writing too much

45. Niplets -- standing too near Afterbirth as he wrote too much

46. Pull My String -- complaining

47. Cheetah -- cell phone

48. Hog Heaven -- bimbo

49. Rock Hudson -- no known reason

50. Whoremoan -- hadn't done a down-down yet

51. Whiner -- part of a lovely family

52. MC Hasher -- another part of a lovely family (along with Spot)

53. Niplets -- misnomer

54. Toys For Twats -- something or other

55. Uh Huh Baby -- had a beer, wasn't drinking it

56. Asspacker -- MC thought he'd be at Hedon and she wouldn't have to see him

57. Asscracker -- MC thought he'd be at Hedon and she wouldn't have to see him

58. Barf Bag -- MC thought he'd be at Hedon and she wouldn't have to see him

59. MC Hasher -- since they're here, she may a well have a drink with them

60. Go Getum -- bimbo

61. Rock Hudson -- another unknown violation

62. Tailgunner- hare

63. Redneck Mutha - hare

64 and beyond-- I lost track.

Hares Redneck Mutha and Tailgunner used the occasion of the Memorial Day weekend to hold the Boy Toy Memorial Hash. For those
who didn't know Boy Toy (aka Manis) - the long-time hash hound from the Harbert family (including both hares, Cheetah, Go
Getum and PH3 co-founder and Grand Master Sky Pilot) - this trail was an attempt to provide a fun trail for both hounds and hash hounds
in remembrance of the recently late pooch.

Of course, hares lie, so when they said the trail was totally dog-friendly, they should have mentioned that it would help if the dogs were
real good swimmers, too. Well, the river was a little too swift for some, especially Side Bottom, who had two hounds in tow.

But the good news is that we don't need to have another memorial hash for a hash hound -- everyone eventually got on-in to
the scenic ending on the banks of the North River. We started near the Davidson Arabia Mountain Nature Preserve (south of Lithonia)
and sure enough, the trail was off road and very scenic. I won't bore you with the details from the trail (mainly because I
can't remember too many of them), but the hills on that powerline were murder!

Bike trails and walking paths provided much of the terrain, but the occasional creek or river crossing kept us wet enough to remember
Boy Toy's love of water. I guess we didn't mind too much either.

I don't think anyone snared the hares, but who cares? The ending was very beautiful and the down-downs (Indonesian-style!)
were never-ending!

All in all, a great hash. Well done, hares!

Scribe: Afterbirth