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Run # 636 April 3, 1999

Hares: Service My Tool & Dog Shit

Venue: Independence High School Ė downtown Roswell

There is no one available to take your call. Please leave a detailed message after the tone and someone will get back to you very soon. Your call is very important to us. We appreciate your patronage. Thank you and have a great hash.

Ahhhh, scenic downtown Roswell Ö the sight of the hash-after-my-very-last-hash-ever hash. Sounds complicated, doesnít it Ö well, get used to it.



A trusty 29 souls showed up on this HOT early spring weekend (and I gave up planting flowers in my garden for this?!) for a fine day of hashing, beer-drinking and comradery. Service and Dog Poopy promised a good trail, and when asked about the length, began to hem-and-haw their way to "you know, long but not too long". Water stop? Yes indeedy. Hooray for the hounds.

So, off we went, around the school, into a church parking lot, around the church, then back to the road again. Many rounds of "Hashit" were echoing already. A bit of roads, then woods, then a new housing development all led us a big ass circle back to Alpharetta Highway. And then our Biermeister showed up. How nice of the hares to give olí Testiclees a shortcut Ö itís good to be the king.

After providing much confusion for the car-dwelling denizens of affluent north Fulton (hey! those runners didnít wait for the crosswalk signal!), we meandered around City Hall for a while until realizing that it was doubtful that this was going to be a total road hash, and that we should head over to the old Roswell mill area Ö you know, with all them trails and the creek and all.

Lo (and behold), there it was, true trail, with flour even. Albeit, the flour was behind trees and posts and small animals, but it was flour. With the damn FRBs (Cheetah, Kapt. Krash, Check My Bag, and newbies Douche Bags and UltraPastorized) long gone, I decided it was a nice day for a casual stroll. All My Cousins, Testiclees, third-timer Ski, and I took in the scenery, caught fish with our bare hands, saved a pack of Cub Scouts from an attacking Grizzly bear ... the usual stuff.

The Vickery Creek area served us well, with many pipes to traverse (though, if Sanitary NOT! had her way, sheíd just as soon NOT! thank you very much), many trails to trip and stumble on, and one bitch of a hill to climb. From what Iím told, thatís where the Whichie-Way was Ö E is for eagle, not easy, by the way.

Finally, on-out of the Chattahoochee Rec Park via the Allenbrook Roswell Historical Society Welcome Center (gotta love the ADC Street Map of Atlanta for these kind of details), a quick trot down Atlanta Street to Riverside, and On-In by the Hooch. As it turned out, this a magnificent vantage point for abusing the rowing teams as they STROKED past us.

So, to put a cork in this here Hash Trash, weíll acknowledge the Down-Downs:


OK, this could be difficult Ö seems our new Hash Cash, Dr. Doo Doo didnít write all the offenses down for me, and all of you know how bad my memory has gotten now that Iím old. Anyway, this much I do know Ö Bite My Gonads, Bunny Banger, Sanitary NOT!, and Prissy Dick were way too long between hashes; Stupid Is As Stupid Does (or just plain Stupid) blessed us with his presence for the first time as a PineLaker; UltraPastorized drank one and I donít know why; and then the Brand Spankiní New Mismanagement for 1999-2000 was introduced and forced to drink cheap beer. Oh yeah, then the hares were toasted for a fine trail, and even though it was Serviceís birthday, we (being the kinder, gentler hash) only made him do one down-down.

There you go. The On-On then proceed over to Serviceís, where rumor was he had a hot tub for all those achiní bodies.


Scribe: Ratís Ass


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Blatant promotion of an upcuming hash Ö

the 7th annual rat race

May 8, 1999

Itís Boot(y) camp

Presented by

ratís ass & testiclees

hashing, Beer, Camping, beer, Beer, T-shirts, and beer

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Thereís Hash in Them There Hills


17 #638 Hand Tossed

24 #639 All My Cousins & Coffee Bean


1 #640 Big Squatch & Liíl Sister

8 #641 Ratís Ass & Testiclees present

The 7th Annual Rat Race

15 #642 UltraPastorized (?)

22 #643 Redneck Mutha (?)

29 #644 Asspacker