Run #624
- January 2, 1999 -

Hares: Slippery When Wet/Dog Shit
Venue: Avondale MARTA Station

It was the first of the new year
Hash number 624
The weather was miserable
But we were here for more

The hounds were deranged
How else could you explain
Why we were hashing
In the cold bitter rain?

The hares of the moment
Should have given us pause
To reconsider
If sleeping in
Wasn't a more worthy cause

But the ones without lives
Gathered at the station
Avondale by name
(MARTA for trains)

Slippery, our hare (and boy, was it wet!)
With Dog Shit as co-
Watch where you step!

We begged for a short trail
They hemmed and they hawed
They looked a bit uncomfortable
"It isn't too long..."

So off in the rain
We looked for a clue
With a point of a finger
On trail we flew

The pack (it must be said)
Was tiny for PH3's
So by name I'll tell you
It included Testiclees

Rat's Ass was present
As was Niplets (and his new car)
Kooler Killer had joined us
As had Tailgun-R

Check My Bag and Doo Doo
(Doctor, of course)
Were a large percentage
Of the hounds-on-a-farce

Cabbage Snatch should have caught on
Why no other females
Were running this long

Service My Tool and Afterbirth (that's me)
Were the rest of the pack
Except Jambi
But bimbo did he
(Smarter than we)

So were did we go?
I don't rightly know
'Cause my half-a-mind
Got froze (as well as my toes)

All I wish to say
About the lay for the day
Was by the time we got in
Two hours had gone away

The trail did end
At a warm and dry abode
(Unlike our friends in Atlanta
Huddled under some road)

With hot cider thrust into our hand
A hashshit was avoided
But just barely, understand!

When down-downs were done
No one was safe
Rule Six was the rule
We poured beer into our face

The songs were sung
The Ugly Mug hoisted high
This actually was an improvement
Over thinking we would die!

I'll finally leave you
With this cry from the street
(Rat's Ass spoke for all)
"I can't feel my feet!"

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