Pinelake Hash House Harriers

"Because Life‘s Too Short To Drink Cheap Beer"

Run #617 – November 11, 1998

Hares: Kaptain Krash – Annual Marine Corp Birthday Hash

Venue: Harmony Grove Park in Lilburn

Hounds: Cheaper Than Trick, MC Hasher (bimbo), Whiner (bimbo), Afterbirth, Swallow My Load (visitor-Valdosta), Yoron Weed (visitor-Pensacola), Slippery When Wet, Check My Bag, Beach Cummer, Dog Shit, Luis Aguilar x4, Geezer Pleaser, Dirty Limerick, Dr. Doo Doo, Rat’s Ass, Das Booty, Niplets, Short Stump, Chews To Cum, Cheetah, O.J., Pull My String, Below The Waist, David Schmidt (x5-now Swamp Wear), Patrick Pepin (x5-now Internuts), Mark Perry (X1 PH3), Tom Walker (x1), Jonathan Wilson (x1)


The annual Marine Corps Birthday Hash featured cake at the ending this year, but instead of blowing out candles, the hounds were instead given a trail that blew! In a stunning reversal of last year’s stunting death-crawl through an interminable tunnel, the few, the proud, the half-minded hounds were instead dunked into a creek for miles and miles. The few steps of dry land mainly featured railroad tracks, impassable briars or irate homeowners and bubbas in pickups. Live solo hare Kaptain Krash fell prey to wrong turns in briars attempting to get back in or out of the featured creek…the result being an often times meandering trail which rarely took advantage of trails and woods bordering the lay. In other words, this one wasn’t the Kaptain’s best, by a long shot.


Among the unlucky hounds were five virgins or visitors to Pinelake. After the two hours plus on trail (or in the trail), we can only guess at the degree to which they question our sanity. Most seemed to be taking the day’s events in stride, but Valdosta visitor Swallow My Load, the day’s DFL (at nearly three hours), and Pensacola visitor Yoron Weed seemed relieved to note the disaffection for the trail from the PH3 regulars. Many assured the tired hounds that we had not completed a typical Krash hash.


Last reports indicate that hounds Das Booty and virgin Jonathan Wilson were decidedly worse for the wear after their extended plunge into the waters of Camp Creek.


All we could say way a sympathetic "ouch" to the walking wounded as they limped and leaked on-in to the ending. Dr. Doo Doo took a bad spill on the railroad tracks not 100 yards from the ending and banged both knees horribly. A few of us stood watch for trains as he waited for the pain to subside from his stretched out position on the tracks. Others were merely cut to ribbons from the ill-advised jaunts into the briars. I believe Short Stump and Yoron Weed had the most brilliant new incisions and were honored by Kaptain as the two bloodiest.


Contrary to what the hare told us, the "tacky giveaway", another Marine Corps Birthday Hash tradition, was particularly useful on this trail. The pocketknife was small enough to carry on trail, but big enough to cut one loose from the briars! It probably was too small to do anything about the irate homeowner complaining to the hounds about trespassing through his back yard, however. The bubba in the pickup asking Slippery When Wet and other female hounds about being "safe" all alone in the woods may have found the blade long enough to insure their safety had he continued to give them cause for concern.


The tired hounds put all that was left in their half-minds to name two fifth timers. Patrick Pepin admitted to building a computer when he was a child and currently works for Half-A-Mindspring. Therefore, the hounds settled on Internuts as his hash name. David Schmidt, first seen in a toxic lake fishing out Slippery’s keys, went from the temporary "Swamp Thing" to Swamp Wear. I think he has something to do with clothing sales. Please address these hounds by their hash names from now on, especially in public where you’re most likely to get dirty looks from non-hashers!

LET THEM EAT CAKE (or drink beer)!

I believe the on-in was at the Royal Atlanta Business Park where Krash has his warehouse. Beer washed down the Marine Corps birthday cake so generously provided by our hare as the pack waited for the stragglers to limp in. Down-downs included too long MC Hasher, Whiner, O.J. and Das Booty. Virgins Tom Walker and Jonathan Wilson were toasted by the pack and Hare Kaptain Krash was roasted by the pack.

Scribe: Afterbirth

Pinelake Hash House Harriers

1998-99 Mismanagement

Grand Master Emeritus: Sky Pilot

Honorary Grand Master: Downunder

Joint Master: Afterbirth

and Mattress: Slippery When Wet

Hash Cash: Rat’s Ass

Hareline: Sleazy Rider Niplets

Beermeister: Testiclees

Haberdashery: Sneak-A-Peak and/or Soft Balls

Master Scribe: Rock Hudson

Mugmeister: Bullshit

Upcoming Pinelake H3 runs for the remainder of 1998 and early 1999.

Run 619 November 21 – Little Willie/Sleazy Rider

Run 620 November 28 – Dead Root and/or Beavis

Run 621 December 5 – Hand Tossed

Run 622 December 12 – MC Hasher/Bite My Gonads

Run 623 December 19 – Bullshit’s annual Christmas Hash! (Joint hash with AH4)

Run 624 December 26 – AH4’s day after Christmas hash (PH3 runs with AH4)

Run 625 January 2, 1999-OPEN

Run 626 January 9-Sleazy Rider/Afterbirth

Run 617 January 16-OPEN

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