To: Pine Lake Hashers;
Re: Saturday; February 7; 1998, PH3 #580?;
Title: The Pregnancy Hash
Hares: Breast Stroke, PACII, Good Head
Attendees: Rat’s Ass, Jo Carey(Toys for Twats), Ding Dong, Slippery When Wet, Dr Doo Doo, Show Uranus, Bubbette, Catamite, George Hovanec 2x, Frank White 3x, Minnie Brew, Embare Assed 1xPH3, Holy Dick (sperm donor), Cumcierge (sd), Sleazy Rider, Mall Shark, Whiner, Sneak-a-peak, Sky Pilot, Cheetah, Cums Collect, Hog Heaven, Mushroom, Tailgunner, Butt Nutt (sd), Wisecracker, Micro Dick, Ursula Uhlin 2long, Chris Hanna 1x, Stephanie Hanna 1x, Dave Klepp 1xPH3, Kapt Krash, Small Shaft, Rock Hudson, Bullshit, Niplets, Defishit, Redneck Mutha, Asspacker, Killer Bee, Jason Moore 4x, Denise Moore 4x, Rude Dog, Lame Bahrain, GOP, Fergie Dick, Beavis, Sanitary Not, Bunny Banger, PMS, MC Hasher, Scott Anderson 2x, 1st PH3, Goldilocks, Testiclees.

Hear ye, hear ye, read ye now all to whom these presents wood cum virgin ‘trash.’ Bye beavus.

Dear Penthouse,

Several years ago when I was a student at a large mid-western university..xx oh sorry

wrong trash.

The start was at the Home Depot on Holcomb Bridge Rd (OTP). We were to be Hared by three pregnant harriettes. A large star was not shining over the start by day or by nite. The har-asses left promtly at 10:30 and actually they were late it was really 11:30. I hope the babies will be more considerate.

Our group gathered expectantly, full of hope for the trail ahead. (head is probably at the root of all this. Or perhaps it was head on the root, anyway.) This momentous occasion of three foolish hares was attended by 55 good hashers and a couple of bad ones too. Even the sperm donors were present. As we all cum together, Sky Pilot prayed that no one would be led into temptation or go astray, too late..

Pregnant with antici-

pation everyone started early and promptly lost the trail. We played connect the dots for a few hundred yards until we found our rhythm method. This was best since most of us prefer to hash without protection.

The har-asses rambled us over hill and desolated dale through new Gwinnetian housing developments and other large cummunity erections. A few obs-tickles were over cum in creative and acrobatic ways. A hash wide favorite was climbing up the slippery log. Also, our hares led us thru several small wet tunnels. Did anyone come through head first? Some hashers avoided the tunnels and came around back to keep from splashing their feet all wet.

Captain Crash entertained all within hearing with his cries of ‘come Lady, come!’, but he could never get it straight with her she just kept running.

These daliances caused the pack to spread out widely. Fortunately, most were delivered hot and sweaty to the end at the warm dry safety of Butt Nutt’s love nest. A camp fire, orange food and beer were ready and waiting. A good time was had by all.