Pinelake Hash #571, November 29, 1997

Mystery Hare! (Because Life Is Too Short To Drink Cheap Beer)

The Mystery Gang 

Daphne, Sleazy Rider, Ram Squat, Freddy, Ram Jet, Afterbirth, Rod Arrington, Lewis Tabor, Go Blow, Bill West, Fuji, Terri Moore, Scooby, Ass Cracker, Cums Collect, Tiny Turret, Shaggy, Byte Me, Minnie Brew, Back Seat Box, Ding Dong, Try Me? Buy Me!, Dr. Doo-Doo, Kaptain Krash, Okie Dokie Chicken Chokie, Foreign Lesion, and Velma.

Venue: N34° 00.0400’ W084° 20.9403’

The gang arrived in the Mystery Machine looking for clues. Try Me? Buy Me! wanted to know "Would you do it for a Scooby snack?" So Afterbirth sent Go Blow off to get some. With shouts of "jinkies!" from Cums Collect, we were off on a trail of clues. "Scooby-Dooby-Doo!" exclaimed Back Seat Box as he was looking for a way to cross a creek about three feet from a bridge. "I found a clue!" from Foreign Lesion and we were off into the trails. Ramjet was blowing his horn, muffling the shouts of "stop blowing that damn horn" from Sleazy Rider. "Here's our plan" was heard from Rod Arrington as he crossed an ice water version of the Amazon River dangling from a pipe. Dr. Doo-Doo followed his example, and nearly died in his aborted attempt. So the Mystery Gang held "Hands Across the River" and were soon up a million-degree incline of ? Kudzu. Byte Me yelled "zoinks!’ to which Ass Cracker could only reply "man oh man" as we were off through some Kuntry Kraft subdivision. "Here we go again!" yelled Minnie Brew as we had to cross another river. And, like clockwork, Velma lost her glasses. Lady heard Kaptain Krash exclaim "ruh-row!" as a hasher-to-be worked his way through the pack in the wrong direction like a salmon. More clues were found on trail to the spooky house at the top of the hill, where all the Mystery Gang enjoyed their Scooby Snacks from a bottle.

Clues Reported: Rod Arrington, too long in-between; Fuji, Ramjet’s cousin; Back Seat Box, DFL, Lewis Tabor, first timer; Bill West, too long in-between.

Body Count: 3.85 miles. Uphill. Both ways.

"And I would have got away with it if it wasn't for you pesky kids!"

"I guess that wraps up another mystery." … Dr. Doo-Doo

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