Pinelake Hash House Harriers Run# 570
November 22, 1997 2:30pm
Emory Credit Union, Decatur

Whatsamatta U. Alumni:
Rat's Ass, Redeye,  Fergie Dick,  Cheetah,  Lost Cause,  Afterbirth  Kaptain Krash,  Niplets,  Dr. Doo Doo,  Tailgunner,  Dead Root,  Defeshit,  Lisa Tyler,  Rob McPherson,  Tag Me, Bag Me,  Slippery When Wet  Down Under,  Coffee Bean,  Killer Bee,  MC Hasher,  Whiner,  Little Willy,  Tonto,  Byte Me,  Milky Way,  Dumbell,  Whore Moan,  Spread Eagle,  Softballs,  Goldilocks,  Laure Batten,  Holy Dick,  Good Head,  Put A Cock In It,  Armadildo,  Kooler Killer,  Breaststroke,  Swamp Rat,  Butt Nutt,  Wayne Langford,  Beavis,  Tastes Great,  Wet Dreams,  Mister Twister

Moose & Squirrel:
Sleazy Rider & Sneak-A-Peak
Wow is there a history behind this hash. Originally, Sneak-A-Peak and Self Basting were going to set the thing, with no help from anyone. Sleazy Rider set them straight, so they chose a "mystery hare." Again Sleazy Rider stuck her nose where it damn well belonged, and vetoed it (Spread Eagle having apparently inflicted some heinous crimes in the past). Then Self Basting hit the bricks, leaving the haring duties to Sneak-A-Peak  and Sleazy Rider.

Sleazy saved us again today. She was supposed to "approve" the trail, but it turns out that S-A-P's idea of a trail was finding a start and finding an end, then winging it. Sleazy vomited up a trail that, although exscrutiatingly familiar, and a little confusing (once), was very enjoyable and fine and dandy etc acck thhhpt.

It all started across Clair(e)mont Rd. Most of the pack found first flour at the mail box, while the rest circled the Decatur YMCA, finding grubs and shiny objects, regurgitating for their young, and on and on like that. A check at the tracks fooled everyone except Niplets, whose noble stride carried him out of earshot of the feeble pack, his cries of "on-on!" going unheard, diffusing into the scratching symphony of autumn. RR tracks make my ass itch. Mmmm, squishy dead critter on the tracks. Swamp Rat blew by, and veered left on the tracks while Niplets went straight. Which would have been an excellent short cut, had I not turned around to follow flour. Now behind S.R., Cheetah, and Kaptain Krash, we find flour leaving the tracks to the left up a steep hill. After scrambling up the thing, we looked back only to find the pack leaving the tracks to the right into the woods. Traitors. We were not to be F.R.B's for much longer, as we obligingly took a little detour around an apartment complex, and back down to the tracks to follow the rest of the pack. That was the stupid, confusing part of the trail, but it did give the shaft to the FRB's...

La dee da, through the nice woods, yip dee dee, and into the presidents house trails near Emory. We activated cruise control as hapless ducks and bleary-eyed medical residents scrambled for cover. Kaptain Krash, Cheetah, and I  were a mechanistic beer-sniffing machine as we booked it arounf the pond and onto the sandy trail beside the crik. we finally caught up to the rest of the dorks, who were clumsily trying to figure out how to get around the fence (no one opted to cross the crik on the pipe). I opted to just climb the dang thing, saving me much grief. We went under Clair(e)mont, and avoided being pelted by high BP medication (those horse pills can HURT) by bypassing the human jerky residing in the retirement home and cutting through the new apartments going up adjacent to it.

After some more thick woods, we were back on the same tracks, pretty familiar territory for many of us. Which hosed some folks who opted to go into the wooded trails to the right. Real trail went left, and up through some tennis park. After crossing N. Decatur, trail took a turn for the boring with a looping beeline to the end ... Sneak-A-Peak's house. He had a nice pad for down-downs, which turned out to be fairly eventful. Nice trail guys ...
Virgins: Lisa Tyler, Rob McPherson
Newly Unemployed: MC Hasher
Soliciting: Swamp Rat
Too Long: Laura Batten, Kooler Killer, Killer Bee
Birthday: Good Head
400th run: Down Under
Nipple Adornment: Tailgunner
Pteradactyl bite: Tailgunner
Hares: Sleazy Rider, Sneak-A-Peak

I am glad I picked you
  I saw you across a crowded room.
  Among all the others that were there,
  The lights seemed to shine down on you alone.
  I knew then I had to have you for my own.
  Willingly, you came with me to my home.
  From the car, I carried you & through the door.
  Looking at you ,I admire your body,
  your well shaped legs,and breasts.
  Slowly I remove what wraps,
  around your body so tightly,
  fitting you like a glove.
  Exposing your tender white skin.
  From your neck I remove your charms,
  and carry you off in my arms,
  to the warm water that awaits.
  The water cascades down your neck,
  flowing over your soft breasts then,
  making your legs glisten with wetness.
  Droplets of water cover your taut skin.
  My hands rub your body, ummmm
  running them through the beads of water.
  Making them trickle down off your body.
  I place my fingers inside you.
  You are warm and moist,so ready.
  I carry your still dripping body,
  to a laying place,so that I can
  put inside you what was well
  prepared to enter you before
  we even came through the door.
  As soon as I lay you down
  your legs spread open wide.
  You are ready now and so am I.
  I put a little in slowly at first,
  getting a feel for how much you can take in.
  I put in more, you take it willingly.
  In anticipation, faster and faster
  I put it in,,pushing it in deeply
  as far as I can,,until I can't
  put any more in,you are so tight.
  With your legs wrapped tightly,
  not wanting to release any of it,
  I make you so hot for a very long time,
  until your sweet juices escape from within.
  Then I taste you, with my tongue at first,
  your skin is so soft and tender.
  I taste more of you with my mouth,
  you are so hot and moist,you taste so good.
  Your juices coating my mouth,
  making me drool in anticipation
  of eating you more,with every taste.
  "Oh yes", I say to you,
   "I must say Grace"
  "Thank God for Butterball turkey.... Amen"

Happy Holidays!! ... N     i       p       l      e      t      s