July 5, 1997

"Pinelake Hash" Has 550th Run
Kmart, Clairmont Rd
(NP) Tens of eager hashers lined the southeastern side of the Kmart parking lot this weekend for the 550th running of the Pinelake Hash. "This is just like any other hash, only more so" Afterbirth said. "Lots of Atlanta hashers show up, and we enjoy drinking premium beer while they  take baby sips and suppress the gag reflex. Usually they give up on the darker beer altogether, and, in a frustrated stupor, start mooning one another." Said another hasher "There will be beer at the end. I like beer. Down, Spot, not until we get home."  As the crowd swelled to nearly 100, the "hares,"  Afterbirth and MC Hasher, told the "hounds" to start looking for flour at Waffle House.

The trail hugged a fence and dropped into some woods. After this, detailed  reports of trail highlights are scarce. One witness mentioned a wide creek that trail crossed, and another mentioned a long section through some chest-high weeds. There was agreement among those at the end that it was a good trail.

Then came down-downs and a party afterward. Itís 2:00 pm on July 19th, Iím out of time for writing. Shit. Well, ask me in person if you have any questions about the 550th. I suppose Iíll have to do a down-down for trailing off like this, all self-consciously and whatnot. Iíll look for a stupid picture to insert to fill up the space below Ö just a second Ö..