Pinelake Hash House Harriers Run # 549
June 28th, 1997, 2:30 pm
Carter Center, near L5P
The "Search for Elvis" Hash

Aunt Jemima k MC Hasherk Viper Vixenk  Red Eyek  Tae Kwan Dickk Sneak A Peakk Mindy Harrisonk Nipletsk Tripodk  Ouchk Pigless k Krusty the Klownk  Softballsk John Everlyk  Go BlowkAsspackerk  Used Rubberk  Dr. Doo DookMiss Deedk Pull My StringkDown Underk Cums Collectk Virgin Masterk  Dead Rootk  Kieth Sharkyk  Coffee Bean kWilma k Love Byte kRock Hudsonk Keyboard Queenk Lame Bahraink Rats Assk Whinerk Afterbirth k Dumbo Dickk  Fergie Dickk Back Seat Box kMinnie Brew kCheetah k Ding Dong kPrissy Dick k Dumbbellk Whoremoan k Rude Dogk Kooler Killerk Jim Mckinney kAsscrackerkIan Rowlandson k  Studda Bubba k" Yeast Infection k Cumcierge k Put A Cock In It k Mushroom k Killer Beek Skippy Dick k Holy DickkGood Head k Redneck Mutha k On the Ragk Tiny Turret

Ramjet & Kaptain Krash

Do the undead care how hot it is? Apparently not, or Elvis would have cut this hash a little shorter. It was the hottest day of the year so far, a chancy day to be laying your Very First Trail. Ramjet, with the help of Kaptain Crash, planned a rather ambitious event for a first go at haring, and explained that we were to go out and "Search for Elvis." Tripod joined in the spirit of things with a makeshift Vegas lounge-act Presley ensemble, and Ms. Deed wore a black velvet hat and shirt (which must have made for a pleasant run). An so anyway, the deal was that at checkpoints, we were required to yell "have you seen Elvis?!" at various innocent passers-by and store owners, until someone with a clue pointed us in the right direction. The run was set through the Little 5 Points area, where most of the denizens see Elvis, in one form or another, on a daily basis, stemming from the fact that even if no legitimate drugs are available, they will smoke panty liners or sniff Toilet Duck. Do you see where this is going yet?

We left the Carter Center parking lot, following flour across Freedom Parkway and up into some trees and low scrub. Then it was over to Manualís Tavern, where we hit our first Elvis Check. As everyone ran around pleading for help in finding Mr. Presley, I hid in some bushes out of a sudden understandable embarrassment episode. Someone finally gave us a break, and we headed down the road, eventually looping almost back to the start and into the neighborhood near the L5P business district. Cheetah, Back Seat Box and I went the wrong way on a normal check and ended up near the Vortex. We didnít see any flour, so we started boxing over, fruitlessly looking for flour down Euclid Ave., not having a clue in general about what the hell we were doing.  Itís a little different experience hashing with Back Seat Box. We hooked up with the wayward Soft Balls, and headed ever further in the direction of Inman Park. We finally saw Ratís Ass heading the main group and carrying the PH3lag, and we headed in that direction. We found trail before reaching them, and followed it to the second Elvis Check. None of the store owners seemed to have an earthly clue about what we were (seemingly incoherently) asking about. One woman told us the King was in Piedmont Park, causing our blood to freeze for a thin moment. Finally, a women dashed out of the bar. "Are you guys looking for Elvis?" she yelled. "Heís up at the Star Community Bar!" Seemed reasonable.

Well, after mulling around at the Star Bar for a while, paying our respects to E.P. at his own little shrine and drinking deeply from a water cooler nearby (sent by Him?), and having clue zero about where to go from there, we decided that any somewhat knowledgeable person living in the general vicinity would send us to the Star Bar upon prompting about His whereabouts. The pack sluggishly started to peel back toward the E. Check In Question, and I took off in my own personal direction to see what I could see. Some folks went straight to Manuals and started slamming pitchers at this point. Some hashers were using there half-mind better than others out there.

I met up with Minnie Brew and Good Head back near Freedom Parkway and decided not to revisit the Crap Check and instead took my chances cutting back onto the Carter Center grounds. We went by a pond and then up a stone stairway that afforded a commanding view of the general area, and swore we saw someone sitting up on a distant hill. We started to head in that direction when we heard whistling below and behind us --- it was Tiny Turret shortcutting, but he was on flour. So we hooked up with him and followed the trail almost immediately to the end.  The others who actually ran the trail apparently endured a death march that I was lucky to avoid, and which ultimately earned Ramjet the dreaded Hash Shit Ö enjoy that plunger!

Down Downs:

Too long: Tae Kwan Dick, Sneak A Peak, Dumbo Dick
Elvis Theme: Tripod, Miss Deed, Ouch, On The Rag
OverAchiever: Go Blow (4th in a marathon)
Virgins: Ian Rowlandson, Keith Sharky
1st time Pinelake: John Everly
Recovering the Mat of Memphis: Redneck Mutha
Hash-shitters: Ramjet & Kaptain Krash