Pinelake HHH #538
10th Year Anniversary Run
April 5th , 1997
I-285 & Moreland Ave.

Carla Phillips • Damian Canterini • Ramjet • Afterbirth • Debbie Shacter • Hot N Sloppy • Down Under • Viper Vixen • Rare Meat • Skippy Dick • Ding Dong • Bitch With An Attitude • Sleazy Rider • Backseat Box • Minnie Brew • Lame Bahrain • Micheal Polydoroff • Spewing Reptile • Rude Dog • Blow Dry • Wilma • Wisecracker • Ugly Mug • Headbanger • Phred • Shiggy Pitts • Love Byte • Ride Me • Muff Snuffer • Asshole • Foreign Lesion • Bubbette • Rats Ass • Condom Mints • Niplets • Dribbles • Crusty The Clown • Don Damour • Virgin Master • Only On Top • Dawgy Style • Mushroom • Whiner • MC Hasher • 4" Hole • Break Wind • Not a Homo • Pam Gray • Marque de Shiggy • Patchwork Quilt • Celery • Geezer Pleaser • Wooden Eye • Red Eye • Slippery When Wet • Dumb Dick • Nancy Fina • Flip Flop • Open Wide • Ron • Holy Dick • Good Head • Sherpa • Patrick Mclaughlin • Mark Snyder • Fergie Dick • On The Rag • Boner • De-boner • Super Duper Pooper Scooper • Corkscrew • Used Rubber • Swilley • Kaptain Krash • Sanitary Not! • Bunny Banger • 0 & 6 • Brown Hole • Tastes Great • Wet Dreams • Katherine Thomson •Jeff Hollington • Christine Hollington • Wild Sex • Keyboard Queen • Sleaze Puppy • Booger • Mr. Twister • Ouch • Tripod • Hired Snatch  •Coffee Bean

Overbearing Landed Gentry: Cheetah & Tailgunner

Having been served steaming bowls of (hash)shit the previous two weeks, I was understandably skeptical about the chances of enjoying a proper sit-down meal, as it were, on this, our glorious 10 years of hashing event. I was, however, comforted by the fact that two progeny of our all-wise, slightly-askew Grand Master (in absentia), Skypilot, were entrusted with haring duties. After mulling about and enjoying the company of various regulars, old-time hashers, and the Atlanta crew (who were kind enough to join us, and to leave their "beer" behind), the pack found flour on Henrico Road.

Aside: The weather was theoretically perfect for hashing. Sorry to waste space with this, but I have this thing with weather, specifically, with the Weather Channel, and the girl who’s on around 10pm. Forget I  mentioned it.
200 yards later, we were off pavement for good, on up a brief hill to a checkpoint. True trail was found straight ahead by Dumb Dick, and we cruised around through some woods, then down some huge eroded dirt-cliff thingy that was fun to roll down. A check followed soon after, and trail veered to the right, through some foot-grabbing tall grass and back into the woods for a chug up a hill. At a split in the trail, I chose the downhill path, only to look up and see Dumb-Dick, Kaptain Krash, Spewing Reptile, and others blow by, not stopping to point and laugh, or even acknowledge my existence. I could just eat worms.

We crested the seemingly endless hill, and realized that we had experienced a monumental circle-jerk. Down the Hill, we crossed a creek and went under a RR trestle. I don’t think we were on trail at this point, but we trudged on down a rough dirt road, and picked up trail soon enough. Hitting a check that fooled no one, the pack veered right into the woods and up a hill, a stretch of running that, in terms of sheer mental and physical strenuosity, was roughly equivalent to watching a Loverboy video with a straight face. Minnie Brew, Boner, and I played hash tag up the hill for a while, then finally found ourselves in some narrow weed-lined paths that led to a check at a T-intersection.

Aside #2: About this time, listening behind me, I seriously wondered if a larval alien was escaping from Fergie. Fergie, a word of caution --- if you continue to wear that pack, we wont be be able to tell when it really IS a larval alien, and you might be denied the prompt medical attention which, I’m sure you’ll agree, such a trauma would necessarily warrant. 
The FRB’s were still looking around when we arrived, having looked to the right already, and starting to look left, when we found trail resuming straight through the woods. We followed the creek for a while, then under I-285 beneath a bridge. After cruising through some woods on a narrow trail, the pack spread out into a field to follow the flour, whick led back into some woods. We snaked around, then hit another killer uphill which, mercifully, contained a BN.

The On-In: The water was cold, and so was the beer. Atlanta H3 bought us a cake, and we all blushed and shyly glanced down. This was widely regarded as a near-perfect hash, but of course, comparatively speaking, after the previous two weeks worth of hash-abortion, I would consider lying on my back, twitching, in Death Valley while Lilliputians yanked at my nose-hairs a near-perfect hash. Love, Niplets.


Virgins: Carla Phillips, Debbie Shacter, Nancy Fina, Ron, Patrick McLaughlin, Mark Snyder
Out of towners: Shiggy Pitts, Spewing Reptile, Only On Top, Patchwork Quilt
Original Pinelakers: Down Under, Ugly Mug, Cheetah, Mushroom, Marque de Shiggy, Wild Sex, Bunny Banger, Flip Flop, Corkscrew
Too Long: Super Duper Pooper Scooper, Rude Dog, Rare Meat
B-Day: Red & Wooden Eyes, respectively