Run #535, 15 MAR 97

Hares: Cumcierge & Put A Cock In It

Venue: Roberd's (Old Home Depot) on Piedmont Rd.

The day began as most all other days ...hung over and my own private teepee in bed. You figure it out.

As I poured myself out of bed, I then realized that which I had been wishing for all week - it was Saturday, and Saturday's a hashing day. Oh but the dilemma! Cumcierge was the hare, and he had yet to redeem himself in my eyes after the Reservoir Dogs debacle. I rallied my troops, and decided that the beer was worth it.

A small but growing crowd began to gather at Roberd's (Roberd's, what the fuck is Roberd's?!) at the annointed hour of 2:30, and by 2:45 (departing time for you late-comers out there), the pack swelled to a massive 40 hounds. Special instructions were given concerning blue flour, red flour, white flour .... heh heh, just kidding.

Into the woods towards the railroad tracks we ventured. Of course, we had to climb through a hole in the fence to get there. Hmmm, seem to recall the hareline saying that this was not a stroller friendly hash, and waddaya know, there's 0&6 throwing the stroller over the fence. (Way to go Afterbirth for snagging little Ian before the carriage went flying.)

Along the RR trax we jaunted...and jaunted and jaunted. Fun-to-Lick and I toyed with the idea of blowing off the hash and going shopping at Phipps, but then the trail headed back towards Piedmont. Go figure.

Crossing Piedmont not 100 yards from the start, we then wound our way through Garden Hills until hitting the park and a water stop. I knew where we were going, and yet I still followed trail. There was a creek in them there Hills, and while I don't mind getting my feet wet, I didn't expect the moistening of my crotch, well at least not that way. We intrepid back-of-the-packers slowly made our way through the waters, with Shotgun gingerly walking from rock to rock. Skippy Dick forged ahead and found a slightly deep spot (read, up to your eyeballs), while Bubbette, Love Byte, and Fun-to-Lick opted to go through an unsecure backyard to get around.

I, of course, convinced myself it wasn't that deep and, um, dove right in. Did you know that sweatpants are very absorbant? I was prompted by many to take them off for the rest of the trail, but having gone "commando" (copyright 1997, Friends & NBC), I opted to keep em on. One good side chance of another teepee occurring after that extremely chilly water.

Anyway, we hit Lindbergh, headed towards Peachtree, and were On-In at the Parkside Drive Park. Down-downs were brief, with virgin Vicki Dennis, too-longs Shotgun & Linda Ahn, returnee Shiggy Pitts, birthday boy Back Seat Box, stupid human trick Fergie Dick, 200 hashes jubilee Ding Dong, too many racists to name, and the hares all drinking the nectar of the gods. The On-On continued at the Beer Mug, and the On-On-On-On moved to Have A Nice Day Cafe. I vaguely remember pouring myself back into bed, but not without a smile on my face.

Scribe: Rat's Ass