Run #500, July 6th, 1996

The pictures say it all!

Hares: Rat's Ass and MC Hasher

Venue: Memorial Drive & Hambrick Road, Pinelake, Georgia


4" Hole, Afterbirth, Ape Shit, Asshole, Asspacker, Barf Bag, Barney, Bleed & Seed, Blowdry, Boner, Bridal Bitch, Bubbette, Bumper Bullets, Burning Bush, By the Hour, Cheetah, Cums Collect, Cyber Slut, Dawgy Style, De-Boner, Derelict, Ding Dong, Dislustic, Dr. Crotchrot, Dr. CV, Dr. Doo-Doo, Eat Me Completely, Fergie, Gay Watch, Gerbil, Good Head, Hot & Sloppy, Kaptain Krash, Krusty the Clown, Login, Loud & Tackie, Love Byte, Matre Dick, Minnie Brew, Mushroom, Nair Boy, Newterd, On the Rag, Palm Bitch, Phirrr Burger, Pink Slit, Pogo, Primer, Puddles, Put a Cock In It, Screw Ewe, Sgt. Recall, Shippy Pitts, Skippy Dick, Sleazy Rider, Sloppy Seconds, Sticky Banana, Suck Her Balls, Tastes Great, Tripped Up, Turn & Cough, Two Trip, Viper Vixen, Wet Dreams, Wild Sex, Windy Titty, Wisecracker.

Two Trip, etc.

Cyber Slut, Gay Watch, etc.

Scribe: Afterbirth