Run #1
March 26, 1987

The start of the PineLake virgin Hash revisited an area that was run early last summer (some hashers would like to forget) when it was 90 degrees and Hot 'n Sloppy earned her name the hard way.  This time mother nature was much nicer to us.  "Where is the Hare?" cried the hounds, as Sky Pilot was nowhere to be seen, but his van was parked nearby with all the beer locked inside.  After waiting for about a half an hour, we decided that the hare was smart enough not to get involved in the pre-hash formalities of collecting cash and all that stuff, so we elected an impromptu HASH CASH, and got this run underway.

The trail was found on a nearby hill by Mushroom and Slinky Finga who led the way for the first mile.  Then it was on into the woods where Lip Service and Slo Mo ran into a garden variety snake.  After the encounter with the slithering reptile, Slo Mo wasn't moving so Slo anymore.

"Look for a red key!" was the call reverberating back from the front of the pack.  Apparently, Slinky Finga had lost his car key which had been tied to his running shoe.  Slinky enlisted the help of Ringworm and Tripped Up in trying to find his key, but to no avail.  (The key story does have a happy ending.)

No Sky Pilot hash would be complete without the obligatory run through a trash dump and this one was no exception.  Up and down hills, through shiggy and briars, and finally, the biggest damn hill this scribe has ever hashed up.  About half way up, the hounds thought that Sky Pilot had not received enough donations in last Sunday's collection plate and was "Calling Us Back Home".  We half expected to find the pearly gates at the top, but what did find was the beer!  GOOD HASH!

We did have a first-timer at the first run.  When Tom made a disparaging remark about our UGLY new Hash Mug, he was appropriately dubbed, Ugly Mug.

Technically, everyone was a first-timer, so here's to all the old-time first-timers: Bunny Banger,
Burn 'n Sherman, Burnt Meat, Cork Screw, Down Under, Flip Flop, Groan, Grunt, Hooter, Jack, Linda, Lip Service, Marquis de Shiggy, Mushroom, Nut Driver, Ringworm, Robert, Slinky Finga, Slo Mo, Tricky Dick, Tripped Up, Two Trip, Ugly Mug, Wild Sex, and Sky Pilot.

ON ON! --/-/-/-->
Scribe: ???