Pinelake H3 History

as recalled by Sky Pilot with regrets for his absence

Since you bothered, yes, I will give you an actual, verifiable true account of PH3 Beginnings, or MISCARRIAGE if you happen to be from the MOTHER Atlanta Hash. Yes, it is true that it was conceived in the back of a smoke filled room by some disgruntled, whiny old AH4 farts and fartesses whose name totally slips my mind, which is not too difficult these days.

I don't even remember where the back room was located - it seems like it was in the front room of somebody's house. And where all that smoke came from beats the hell out of me. But, for sure, it started right there.

It took the lofty SKY PILOT'S TOUCH to turn the bitchy, whiny, disgruntled moaning and groaning complaints into actual paper laying activity, but hey, once every ten years we call for a MIRACLE, and my Boss can handle that. (Just don't overdue it, like Cheetah trying to run through the FAIR city of PINE LAKE.)

After that GLORIOUS meeting we all went home fully conceived and gave birth. Since they already had me figured for a LIGHT TOUCH, I got to CO-HARE the first PH3 Hash with my Boss. You can probably still find the site commemoration marker, and if you look closely you will find the pints of blood spilled there due to the acres of damn briars. My Boss came out without a scratch. I think the Blood was actually Marquis getting revenge on me for burning his private parts in a previous Hash life, but that's another Hashtory.

I don't remember a whole heck'ofa lot about the run except that it did seem to feature one of the longer check points in Hash Histerics, certainly in all of the glorious History of PH3 at that particular time. You came out overlooking the intersection of I-675 and 285 before there was a 675 and the check was on the island in the middle of the cloverleaf. I thought that was cute.

That is probably all the BS my Boss can put up with for one night. In the last year or so, He's/ She's already burnt up one computer, a TV and a laptop computer adaptor by DIRECT and UNCOMFORTABLY CLOSE STRIKES, evidently for past Lies and Hash Tapes. So, no use pushing it, since it has been a little cloudy all day anyway.

Oh yeah, hope you manage to work in a run during all the celebration. With me being your Grand Master in Absentia-Whatever, I can forget the damnedest things...

ON ON, and really, I wouldn't mind running it myself, if I was to break down and finally say one thing that is true in all this mess.

Sky Pilot