Pinelake Hash #801

July 13, 2002

Hares: Fish Dicks and Yoron Weed (Semi-live)

Hounds: Asscracker, Butt Floss, Concord, Dr. Doo-Doo,
John Queere, Pissticide, and Little Easy

Locale: Sugar Creek Golf Course.

Trash: Trail left the parking lot headed directly into the woods, weaving its 
way to the sewer line adjacent to the South River. The initial short cutters 
(Doo-Doo and Pissticide) rejoined the pack here as a check is hunted down. 
Most of the pack falls for a back track down the easement while true trail 
headed up the river. The river was running low so it was a surprise to reach 
the "swimming hole" just before the next check. The now thoroughly dampened 
pack roved up and down Bouldercrest Rd. and up and down various trails and 
sewer lines before John Queere finds the trail straight up the river. Our 
shoes now full of toxic sand we clamber out of the river into the back of a 
subdivision. Two checks and a back track later we enter some woods near a 
small creek. We cross an abatis into a construction site and follow it to a 
check that leads us up a long steep rocky hill. At the top we find a power 
line cut and a check that initially leads Little Easy and Asscracker off to a 
15 to 20 mark back track and causes the pack to fan out across the the 
power lines. The trail starts off at a seemingly random point in the woods and 
leads down a long steep rocky hill exiting out on Henrico road. A big arrow 
(Considerately preventing us from missing the Water Stop and a mile or so of 
the trail.) leads us to a check. Butt Floss and Little Easy are confused by 
the two marks leading to the dead buzzard but nothing else while Pissticide 
skips over the whole deal and heads straight to the water stop. A brief loop 
leads us back to Henrico Road before turning into the woods again. These lead 
us back to another construction site and up a dirt road to the end. Butt Floss 
was the FRB and Concord won the DFL honors. Tall tales were told. The French 
National Anthem was sung. (I am sure those were the correct lyrics.) Down 
Downs were done, repeatedly, and a fine time was had by all.

Anything or anyone left out should remand their complaints to someone who cares.

Little Easy